Ollie’s Cuisine Featured in Arab America

We were featured in Arab America, an educational resource site for all Americans. Arab America serves five markets: California, Illinois, Michigan, New York, and Washington DC.

By Warren David

Ollie’s, an authentic Lebanese restaurant, where great food meets a great atmosphere of Middle Eastern traditions. The restaurant is designed to transport the guests to a time where the beauty of the land merges with the richness of food to enrich all the senses.

The chef/proprietor, Ali Hojaij, gave his new restaurant an Americanized name, but the food is authentically Lebanese, from the list of appetizers – always notable in good Mideastern restaurants – to main dishes of shish tawook, shish kafta, marinated chicken and fresh, puffy pita bread from the oven in one corner of the handsomely decorated dining room.

Ali has added touches of history to the space, from the Greek columns and Phoenician sailing ships that hark to Lebanon’s origins to the pierced brass lamps that typify the country’s art. There is no liquor but the fresh raw juice drinks and Arabic coffee fill the gap.

Chef Ali Hojaij of Lebanese origin has over 15 years experience in authentic Lebanese and Middle Eastern food. He specialities range from kabobs, beef tenderloin, chicken kabob and sauteed entrees to vegetarian delights.

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