Liquor license transfer recommended for Ollie’s Lebanese Cuisine

By Cortney Casey

A vacant restaurant on Van Dyke that’s swapping Latin flair for Lebanese will be able to serve alcohol, pending final approval from the state.

Last month, City Council unanimously recommended the transfer of a Class C liquor license from New Warren Manner Inc. to Hojaij Makky Properties LLC for Ollie’s Lebanese Cuisine.

The new Middle Eastern eatery is setting up shop in the former Don Pablo’s Mexican Kitchen on Van Dyke, north of 14 Mile, and the owners, Ali Makky and Ali Hojaij, are transforming the building with extensive renovations.

“I am really glad that you’re taking care of the restaurant that was there, the remodeling,” said Councilwoman Barbara Ziarko. “We’re happy to have you here in our city.”

The structure spans about 8,000 square feet, with the capacity to accommodate about 235 people with a family dining area, a bar/lounge area and patio seating, said Makky.

The menu will encompass “a really good mixture of Arabic food,” including raw juices, fresh bread, salads, shwarma, kabobs and seafood, he said.

The liquor license also includes a dance/entertainment permit, which Makky said they plan to use to bring in singers and small bands on Saturday nights, and to host occasional dancing.

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