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My travels today bring me to the town of Sterling Heights, a suburb in the northern part of Detroit. Coming into town I was in the mood for Mediterranean but unsure where to go. Looking at YELP I am surprised to see Ollie’s, a Lebanese restaurant. I must say that I have never had authentic Lebanese food, so I really had to try it.

Starting off the meal, there is a basket of fresh pita and fresh za’tar. If you have never been to a Mediterranean restaurant or cafe or more so a Lebanese restaurant or cafe, za’tar (or sometimes spelled za’atar) is a rather simple recipe of complex spices. Though these recipes are as varying to the creator. For the most part za’tar is a culmination of sumac, thyme, sesame seeds, marjoram, oregano and/or salts. This typically is served on a plate and then doused with a nice extra virgin olive oil. You then stir the ingredients and dip pieces of the pita into the mix. The taste is exquisite, unmatched and a great way to begin a meal.

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